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(both: kôr`chə), or


(kōrēt`sə), city (1989 pop. 63,623), capital of Korçë dist., SE Albania, near the Greek border. Located in an agricultural region, it is a commercial and industrial center producing foodstuffs, rugs, and knitwear. Lignite deposits are mined nearby. Korçë is the seat of a Greek Orthodox metropolitan. Known in 1280, it was destroyed (1440) by the Turks but developed again after the 16th cent. Ever since Albania gained independence in the Balkan Wars, Korçë has been claimed by Greece. Greek troops occupied it in 1912–13 during the Balkan Wars and again early in World War I. From 1916 to 1920 it was occupied and administered by the French, and in World War II it was held (Nov., 1940–Apr., 1941) by the Greeks. Korçë has a large 15th-century mosque and several modern government buildings.



(Koritsa), a city in southeastern Albania. Population, 50,000 (1970). Korcë is the center of a rich agricultural region, the intermontane Korcë Basin. The city produces textiles, leather, glass, and food (particularly sugar). In the Middle Ages, Korçë was an important commercial center on the routes to the Adriatic coast.

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Macedonian and Albanian Environment Ministers, Abdilaqim Ademi and Fatmir Mediu, signed in Korce a Declaration on the countries' commitment to establish a cross-border biosphere reserve "Ohrid-Prespa".
Debreceni, in contrast, begin the defence of their Hungarian title in two weeks and warmed up for the visit to the town of Korce by holding Videoton 1-1 in the Super Cup.
The Education Museum in Korce is housed in the first of these
The selection of cities is: Berat, Diber, Durres, Elbasan, Fier, Gjirokaster, Korce, Kukes, Lezhe, Lushnje, Shkoder, and Vlore.
The latter included purely Albanian districts of Elbasan and Koritza (Korce), where many Christians, although they attended Greek Orthodox schools, were actually ethnic Albanians.
Elsewhere in Albania, the only other burial tumulus to have received any attention of this sort is the tumulus of Kamenice in the Korce Basin in south-east Albania.
Koco focuses on four towns that served as centers of urban musical life: Shkoder in the north, Elbasan and Berat in Central Albania, and Korce in the south.
COMMUNITY leaders called in military police when they saw tractors ploughing up an air base runway used by NATO at Korce, Albania.
A few days ago, police arrested a couple in Korce for allegedly selling at least two children.
Mr Cleary, aged 48, has been on similar mercy missions to orphanages in Bulgaria and Bosnia but says he was still moved by the sight that greeted him at the German-run camp at Korce.
Principal battles: Pelium (Pliassa near Korce, Albania) (335); Granicus River (334); Issus (333); Arbela (Irbil)/Gaugamela (near ancient Ninevah) (331); Hydaspes River (Jhelum) (326).