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(kûr'do͝ofän`) or


(kôr'dəfăn`), region (1983 pop. 3,093,294), S central Sudan. Kurdufan is divided into Northern and Southern Kurdufan states. Its terrain, generally level in the north, rises in the south to the Nuba Mts. Kurdufan's economy is agricultural, with millet as the staple crop. The government has sponsored many irrigation projects.

Conquered for Egypt in 1821, Kurdufan was under Turko-Egyptian rule until 1882, when the MahdiMahdi
[Arab.,=he who is divinely guided], in Sunni Islam, the restorer of the faith. He will appear at the end of time to restore justice on earth and establish universal Islam. The Mahdi will be preceded by al-Dajjal, a Muslim antichrist, who will be slain by Jesus.
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 Muhammad Ahmad fomented revolt. With the defeat of Mahdist forces in 1898, Kurdufan became part of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (later the Republic of Sudan). In the late 20th and early 21st cent. rebels in the Nuba Mts. in Southern Kurdufan were part of the S Sudanese uprising against the central government, and since the independence of South Sudan, there has been continued fighting in Southern Kurdufan between Sudanese government forces and rebels.

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Le mediateur de l'Union africaine dans les negociations sur le Soudan, le professeur Mohamed El-Hacen Lebatt, a condamne les incidents survenus, lundi a El-Obied, capitale de l'Etat du Kordufan du Nord, faisant plusieurs morts et des dizaines de blesses parmi les eleves et etudiants.
Um Rawaba, May 2 (SUNA) The local security committee of Um Rawaba in North Kordufan state has resolved the issue of the dispute between the mayoralties of Wad al- Hadig and Tebessa of Um Rawaba locality in South Kordufan state.
The worst hit states are Kassala, Sennar, South Kordufan, West Kordufan and North Darfur.
It said the Bashir had pointed out that he had already given South Sudan an ultimatum to halt all aACoeill-conceived practicesaACA[yen] in their dealing with Sudan, a reference to their support for rebel movements in Darfur and in South Kordufan states inside the Sudan.
The main thing that Sudan capitalizes on is that South Sudan is supporting the rebels in Southern Kordufan and Blue Nile.
The army statement said that Ibrahim died in Wad Banda, an area in North Kordufan about 710 kilometres west of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, with the Sudanese army spokesman Colonel Khalid al-Sawarmy Saad saying that the army cut all paths for the group as it was retreating and trying to cross into South Sudan to reorganise it forces.
3 (SUNA) The governor of West Kordufan has listened to reports of the heads of committees, calling for tightening coordination for the success of the forum, and achieve the required goals.
AU Commission Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, in a statement obtained by PANA here, "strongly condemns the armed attacks recently carried out in Um-Rawaba town in North Kordufan State, as well as in various areas in South Kordufan State." It said the attacks, reportedly launched by the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), have resulted in death, serious casualties and destruction of property, including that of a power grid for the town.
The Acting Wali further announced readiness of his State to absorb the displaced students of South Kordufan State in the schools of his State as well as working to meet the requirements of the animal health in order to maintain the health of the National Livestock.
Machar is also expected to follow up with the referendum bill for Abyei and other bills on popular consultations for Southern Kordufan and Southern Blue Nile, which are supposed to be passed by the parliament together with the Southern Sudan referendum bill.
21 (SUNA) The Administration of Emergency and Epidemic Control of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the state of West Kordufan has launched Thursday a training workshop in the international health regulations, in cooperation with the International Health Organization WHO and some other organizations working in the health field.