Korean Theater

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Korean Theater


a musical and dramatic theater in Kazakhstan. In 1932 the Korean District Theater was founded in Vladivostok from amateur groups. The theater later worked in Kzyl-Orda (1937-41, 1959-68) and Ushtobe (1942-59). Since 1966 it has been called the Republic Korean Theater and since 1968 has been located in Alma-Ata.

The theater’s productions of K. A. Trenev’s Liubov’ larovaia in 1937, M. Gorky’s Enemies in 1939, and EgorBulychov and the Others in 1941, N. F. Pogodin’s The Kremlin Chimes in 1969, as well as plays from the classical Russian drama such as The Thunderstorm by Ostrovskii (1950) and The Inspector-General by Gogol (1950), have had an enormous influence on the development of the theater. The productions of Shakespeare’s Othello in 1953 and Molière’s Le Medécin malgré lui in 1964 have been among the important highlights in the Korean Theater.

The theater has focused as well on creating a national Korean repertoire. In addition to national classics such as The Story of Chun Hyang by Yi Chong-nim and Yom Song-ryong (1936) and Hun Po-nol Po by Tae Chang-chun (1946), it has staged modern Korean plays such as The Olympic (1936) and Korea Aflame (1952) by Yom Song-ryong, South of the 38th Parallel by Tae Chang-chun (1949), Moran-bong by Chong Tong-hyok (1962), The Rainbow (1964) and Path of Trials (1968) by Tsai En, and Family Comedy by Kim losif (1971).

Among the founders of the Korean Theater are People’s Actor of the Kazakh SSR Kim Din (died 1966) and Honored Art Worker of the Kazakh SSR Tsai En; current members of the theater (1973) include People’s Actors or Actresses of the Kazakh SSR Li Kham Dek, Li Dian Son, and En Sen En; Honored Actors or Actresses of the Kazakh SSR Tsoi Bon Do, N. V. Ligersu, Pak Chun Seb, Kim Ho Nam, and Li En Su; Honored Actor of the Uzbek SSR Li Gen Khi; and Honored Actor of the Kirgiz SSR N. G. Pak. The chief director is I. F. Kim. The variety-stage ensemble Ariran is also affiliated with the theater. The Korean Theater regularly tours Kazakhstan and other republics of Middle Asia.


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