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1. the standard monetary unit of North Korea, divided into 100 chon
2. the standard monetary unit of South Korea, divided into 100 chon



the monetary unit of the Korean Democratic Peoples’ Republic. The won was introduced in December 1947 to replace the previously circulated yen of the Bank of Korea. It is divided into 100 chon. At the rate of exchange of the Gos-bank (State Bank) of the USSR (January 1971), 100 won = 74 rubles, 93 kopecks (1 ruble = 1.33 won).

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For such currency-hedged products, Korean investors were promised a return in Korean won terms equal to the change in the foreign stock index itself rather than the stock index change combined with exchange rate changes.
Electronics giant Samsung Electronics had over US$8 billion in income for fiscal year 2005; however, the company expects a significant decline in income for the next fiscal year because of the remarkable Korean won appreciation.
Hyundai Motor Company Investment and Securities noted in a report Thursday that Samsung Electronics' sales and profit will shrink in the first quarter this year because of the strong Korean won and a supply shortage of its smartphone rival Apple's iPhone X.
Likewise, the Bank of Korea can provide Korean Won to the Bank of Canada, as well as provide liquidity in Canadian dollars to financial institutions in Korea.
2 trillion Korean won as of end-2012 with equity of 1.
It sticks to the principle of keeping the appreciation of the NT dollar lower than that of Korean won.
The government laid out plans to expand overseas conversion of the Korean won into foreign currencies and vice versa on April 3, 2006, to meet the rising demand for the Korean won exchange overseas and to pave the way for the Korean won to become a more globally accepted currency.
The increase in the number of Japanese visiting South Korea is presumed to be the result of the devaluation of the Korean won against the Japanese yen.
The Korean won is expected to extend its gains against the dollar this year.
State-run Korea Development Bank, Woori Bank and Samsung Life Insurance offered nearly 90 billion Korean won of loans to back the solar array's development.
me/en/kpop-news/article/111953/bts-donates-to-families-of-sewol-ferry-victims-all-kpop-news) Two years later , the group and their record label, Big Hit Entertainment, donated 100,000,000 Korean won to the Sewol Families for Truth and A Safer Society.

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