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, ancient Bedouin tribe near Mecca to which Muhammad belonged. At one time camel drivers and caravan guides, they became, after acquiring custody of the Kaaba (5th cent.), one of the most powerful tribes in central Arabia and the chief family of Mecca.
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These rough sketches give a good idea of the funky, colourful designs by Nada Koreish
Koreish designs casual clothes like t-shirts, jeans, denims and cardigans and has her own line of bags and hats under the umbrella of her line Neon Pink Revolution.
I initially decided to go into fashion because I wanted to make a difference, now it is not just about the glamour and celebrity, it is more about how huge the fashion market is," Koreish said.
Koreish believes she was born in the "wrong era and place".
Koreish believes that comfort is more important to take into account that elegance, because "you simply have to feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing to look elegant.
Nicki Minaj, Hend Sabry and Mona Zaki are among the stars Koreish would like to dress.