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Dates of birth and death unknown. Armenian historian; fifth-century writer and translator. Student of Mesrop Mashtots (361-440).

Koriun wrote The Life of Mashtots (443-449), which is a biography of his teacher and a description of his work as an enlightener. It also presents the most reliable version of the creation of the Armenian, Georgian, and Albanian (Agvanian) written languages. Koriun wrote the first original historical work in Armenian.


In Russian translation:
Zhitie Mashtotsa. Yerevan, 1962.


Abegian, M. Kh. Istoriia drevnearmianskoi titeratury, vol. 1. Yerevan, 1948.
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Both the Life of Mashtots by his disciple, Koriun, and the Epic Histories of P'awstos Buzand, composed only slightly later than Agathangelos's History, speak of the unsuccessful efforts of a Syrian bishop to adapt a Semitic alphabet for the Armenian language before the successful invention of an Armenian script by Mashtots.
(40) The epilogue, drawn largely from Koriun's biography of Mashtots, explicitly compares his own work with that of various biblical figures including Moses--who preserved the "divine sayings" for posterity--the prophets, and Luke.
(He is also known for an edition of the Armenian version of Basil of Caesarea's Hexaemeron (1984) and for a study of its impact in Armenia (1976).) Muradyan notes that Gregory's homily on Basil was known to Koriun, whose biography of Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian script, is the earliest original work in Armenian.
(48) The accounts of Koriun, Faustos Buzand, and Moses of Khoren are discussed and compared to Agathangelos's narrative on this issue in Robert W.
(95) The Eastern Church historian Agathangelos told of missionary efforts already recorded in the fifth-century Koriun's Life of Mashtots' (96) and spoke more directly of the formal, catechetical school system in the Christian east, specifically in Armenia: Similarly he [that is, Gregory the Illuminator] persuaded the king that from every province and region they should bring to various places numbers of children [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] mankti, gen sg.