Korn shell

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Korn shell

[′kȯrn ‚shel]
(computer science)
An enhanced version of the Bourne shell used in Unix systems.
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Korn Shell

(ksh) A command interpreter for Unix.

SKsh is an AmigaDos-specific version and pdksh is a free Unix version.

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Korn shell

A command line processor for Unix that adds extensions to the Bourne shell. Created at Bell Labs by David Korn and other contributors in the 1980s, the Korn shell (ksh) includes many C shell functions but is supported by more versions of Unix.

Desktop Korn shell
Bundled with various Unix operating systems, Desktop Korn shell (dtksh) is an extended version of the graphics-based Common Desktop Environment (see CDE). Developed by Stephen Pendergrast Jr., Desktop Korn shell added a GUI interface and graphics capability to the command-line Korn shell. See Bourne shell, bash shell, C shell and Unix.
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