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a city (since 1926) in Zhitomir Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, on the Uzh River, a tributary of the Pripiat’. It is a junction for highway routes between Izmail and Leningrad and Kiev and KoveP, as well as for railroad lines leading to Kiev, Ovruch, Zhitomir, Sarny, and Novograd-Volynskii. Population, 57,000 (1972).

Korosten’ is one of the industrial cities of Ukrainian Poles’e. There are plants for road machinery, chemical machine building, reinforced-concrete ties, porcelain, and household chemicals, as well as a woodworking combine. Furniture, clothing, cotton-spinning, and textile-spinning factories are also located there. Food-processing enterprises, including a meat and poultry combine and a dairy, are also important. A branch of a machine-building technicum is located in Korosten’. On the city’s outskirts, granite is quarried, and there are plants for processing it.

In the past, Korosten’ was called Iskorosten’, one of the oldest Russian cities, and was the major fortified city of the tribe of the Drevliane. It is first mentioned in the chronicles under the year 945. Parts of old Iskorosten’ still remain—five or six sites with walls and moats, situated in a tight group along the Uzh River. In 945, Prince Igor’ was killed near Iskorosten’. The next year his wife, Princess Ol’ga, burned the city to avenge his death. Subsequently, Iskorosten’ became a city of the land of Kiev.

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You serve the devil, and I serve God," Anatoliy said of the raid on the gold-domed cathedral in Korosten, 145 km (90 miles) northwest of Kiev.
In the city of Korosten city, Ukraine, a (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XG76xkW5adI) cigar-shaped huge UFO was spotted hovering on 6 March 2014.
Moreover, the anti-Jewish violence could take unexpected turns, as it did in Korosten. A Red Cross volunteer observed, for example, that during a pogrom several pogromshchiks broke into a Jewish home, raped three young girls, and then killed the grandmother by slicing off her ears and nose.
Polish agents collected intelligence in the border regions of Korosten, Nizhnii Novgorod, and Zhytomir, as well as in the city of Kiev.
The Volyn pegmatites are genetically related to the granitic phases of the Proterozoic Korosten pluton, which crops out over a 110 X 150-km area in the northwestern part of the Ukrainian Shield.
In a similar event, a cigar-shaped huge UFO was spotted over Korosten city in Ukraine on 6 March 2014.
The rapakivi granites of the Korosten pluton in the Ukraine are rich in vuggy pegmatites containing yellowish green to olive-green beryl crystals up to 1 meter and champagne to blue and bi-colored topaz up to many kg in weight.
A largecigar-shapedUFO was spotted over the city of Korosten in Ukraine.