Korotnev, Aleksei

Korotnev, Aleksei Alekseevich


Born Feb. 15 (27), 1854, in Moscow; died June 14 (27), 1915, in Odessa. Russian zoologist; corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1903).

Korotnev graduated from Moscow University in 1876 and defended his doctoral dissertation there in 1881. In 1887 he became a professor at the University of Kiev. In 1885 and in 1890-91 he journeyed to islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans, where he gathered extensive zoological collections. In 1886 he founded a Russian biological station on the Mediterranean coast (Villafranca, France). He studied the fauna of Lake Baikal between 1900 and 1902. Korotnev’s principal work involved investigation of the embryonic development of coelenterates, insects, bryozoans, and tunicates.


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