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an urban-type settlement in Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, 3 km from the Shchebenka station on the Donetsk-Voroshilovgrad railroad line. It is situated in the Donbas, on the Korsunka River (Mius Basin), 15 km from Enakievo. Most of the people in the settlement work in the industrial enterprises of Enakievo, Gorlovka, and Panteleimonovka. There is a vegetable and dairy sovkhoz in Korsun’.



an old Russian name for the Greek city of Chersonese in the Crimea. It is often mentioned in the Russian chronicles and other written sources, primarily in conjunction with events from the ninth to 13th centuries.

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In Paris, a massive new Russian Orthodox cathedral and culture center were dedicated on the Quai Branly in October 2016, after the church's Western Korsun Diocese outbid Saudi mosque builders for the site.
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However, the uprising reached a new level after Ukrainian military victories at Zhovti Vody and Korsun (1648), the mobilization of the Commonwealth's forces against them, and the Zboriv Agreement of 1649 between the rebels and King Jan Kazimierz, which established Cossack control over the parts of Ukrainian lands.
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