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, Albanian Kosova, Serbian Kosovo i Metohija and Kosmet, officially Republic of Kosovo, republic (2011 est. pop. 1,826,000), 4,126 sq mi (10,686 sq km), SE Europe, a former province of Serbia that unilaterally declared its independence in 2008.
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a city (since 1940) in Ivatsevichi Raion, Brest Oblast, Byelorussian SSR, 13 km from the Kossovo-Polesskoe railroad station on the Brest-Baranovichi line. The major industry is furniture. The Kossovo Sovkhoz is located there.

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Afghan guerrillas also volunteered to support Muslims in Bosnia and Kossovo.
By 1389, when they extinguished the Serbian kingdom at Kossovo, the whole of Central and Eastern Europe lay open to their advance.
In his last campaign in 1689 he led an autonomous army to conquer Kossovo, Bosnia and Macedonia, but he contracted the plague in Skopje and died at the moment of his apotheosis.
However, he - the last hope of everybody concerned for the fate of the campaign - was badly beaten at Kossovo late in 1448 and had to pull back for good.