Kostas Kubilinskas

Kubilinskas, Kostas


Born June 1, 1923, in Ruda, present-day Vilkaviskis Raion, Lithuanian SSR; died Mar. 9, 1962, in Maleevka, Ruza Raion, Moscow Oblast. Soviet Lithuanian poet.

Kubilinskas made his literary debut in 1938. He revealed his talent as a children’s poet and writer of fairy tales in The Parade of Letters (1951), Here Stands a Fairy Tale House (1957), and The Frog Queen (1962). His lyric poetry was published posthumously in the collection The Plains Are Singing (1964). Kubilinskas translated the works of A. S. Pushkin, P. P. Ershov, S. Ia. Marshak, and K. I. Chukovskii into Lithuanian. He received the State Prize of the Lithuanian SSR in 1959.


Buvo buvo kaip nebuvo. Vilnius, 1958.
Su žilvičio daūdele. Vilnius, 1957.
In Russian translation:
Iantariki. Moscow, 1962.
Drozd-bogatyr’. Foreword by E. Miezelaitis. Moscow, 1969.
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Lithuanian poet Kostas Kubilinskas has allegedly been found to have been a Soviet spy by a Vilnius-based documentation and research centre.