Kot Diji

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Kot Diji


a hill near the city of Khaipur (Pakistan) containing the remains of a multilayer settlement dating from the Bronze Age (from the third to the second millennium B.C.). The Indian archaeologist A. Khan discovered and investigated the hill (1957–58). The lower layers contained traces of a settlement of a distinctive culture named Kot Diji.

The remains of pise houses on stone foundations were discovered as well as remains of fortifications (constructed at the end of the third millennium B.C.). Certain elements of the material culture (tools, pottery) have features resembling those of Harappa, which can probably be explained by the temporary coexistence of the two cultures on this territory. About 2000 B.C., the settlement was destroyed by the Harappans, and in its place, a Harappan settlement arose, which existed for about 300 years. The stratigraphy of Kot Diji attests to the complex historical processes that were taking place in the Indus Valley about the year 2000 B.C.


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KHAIRPUR -- The body of a five-year-old boy who was reported missing a day ago was found on Sunday here in Muhabbatwah Canal of the city's Kot Diji area, authorities confirmed.
Meanwhile, villagers of Qabool Gopang of taluka Kot Diji saw a body of child in Muhabat canal and informed the police.
According to detail some armed persons attacked with lathes and axe on Momin Mahar police picket of police station when cops were busy in snap checking, resulted one constable Karim Bux Bhambhro was injured seriously who rushed to taluka hospital kot Diji later shifted to civil hospital khairpur in critical condition.
The accused allegedly killed Ilmuddin and Abdullah in Kot Diji. A total of 19 people were nominated in the case of which, 11 are on the run.
The district is further divided into eight sub-districts: Khairpur Taluka, Mirwah Taluka, Kot Diji Taluka, Kingri Taluka, Sobho Dero Taluka, Gambat Taluka, Faiz Ganj Taluka and Nara Taluka.
Concurrently, an early bronze-age culture emerged at Kot Diji in the Khairpur district.
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