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one of the most important feudal clans in Bosnia in the 13th to 15th centuries. The dynasty’s name originated with the ban Stepan Kotroman. Beginning with the time of Matvej Ninoslav (1232–53), nearly all the bans (and, after 1377, the kings) of Bosnia belonged to the Kotromanić family: Prijezda (1254–87), Stepan Kotroman (1287–1316), Stepan Kotromanić (1322–53), Tvrtko I (1353–91), Stepan Dabiša (1391–95), Stepan Ostoja (1398–1404, 1409–18), Tvrtko II (1404–09, 1420–43), Stepan Ostojić (1418–20), Stepan Tomaš (1443–61), and Stepan Tomašević (1461–63). The dynasty ended with the seizure of Bosnia by Turkey (1463).

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cultural heritage which played a key role in the history of the Bosnian kingdom and the royal dynasty of Kotromanic.