a city, center of the Gornomariiskii Raion, Mari ASSR. Landing on the right bank of the Volga, below the mouth of the Vetluga River, 60 km northwest of Cheboksary and 104 km southwest of Ioshkar-Ola. Population, 15,300 (1970).

The city arose on the site of a stockade built in 1583; it was first mentioned as a city in 1609. The inhabitants took part in the Peasant War under the leadership of S. T. Razin. In 1781, Koz’-modem’iansk became the administrative center of a district of the Kazan Namestnichestvo (vicegerency). The modern city has a creamery, a brewery, a brickyard, a garment factory, and other enterprises. It also has a log pond. Cultural institutions include a museum of local lore with a picture gallery and people’s amateur theater.