Krajowa Rada Narodowa KRN

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Krajowa Rada Narodowa (KRN)


a provisional democratic representative body of the National Front in Poland, which became the provisional parliament after the country’s liberation from fascist German occupation. It was created on the initiative of the Polish Workers’ Party in order to unite the democratic forces of the Polish people in struggle against the fascist German invaders. At its first meeting, held on the night of Dec. 31, 1943, the KRN adopted the Provisional Charter of the KRN and Local People’s Councils, a decree on the principles of organization of the People’s Army (Armia Ludowa), and a declaration calling upon the Polish people to struggle in alliance with the USSR for the expulsion of the fascist invaders, for national independence, and for the creation of a genuinely democratic Poland. After the Soviet Army entered Polish territory, the KRN formed a popular-democratic government called the Polish Committee of National Liberation (PCNL) on July 21, 1944. On Dec. 31, 1944, the KRN reorganized the PCNL into the Provisional Government of the Polish Republic. The KRN concluded a treaty of friendship, mutual assistance, and postwar cooperation with the Soviet Union on Apr. 21, 1945, and enacted a law nationalizing large and medium industry, transport, banks, and means of communications on Jan. 3, 1946. After the election of the Legislative Sejm on Feb. 4, 1947, the KRN was dissolved.


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