Kranjcevic, Siljvije Strahimir

Kranjčević, Siljvije Strahimir


Born Feb. 17, 1865, in Senj; died Oct. 29, 1908, in Sarajevo. Croatian poet. Graduated from the Zagreb Pedagogical School and began working as a schoolteacher in 1886.

Kranjčević’s poetry is noted for its philosophical meditation on the essence of existence; its main themes are the fate of his homeland and people, the unsettled state of man in bourgeois society, and revolutionary struggle (the collections BugarStice, 1885; Selected Poems, 1898; and Torment, 1902). His poems contain comments on the Russian Revolution of 1905–07. He was the first Croatian realistic poet to give a clearly expressed social and civic direction to his work.


Sabrana djela, vols. 1–2. Zagreb, 1958.
In Russian translation:
Poety lugoslavii XIX-XX vv. Moscow, 1964.