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a Lower Paleolithic cave shelter in northern Croatia (Yugoslavia) between the Drava and Sava rivers in the Krapinica Valley.

The cave was discovered and investigated (1899–1905) by the Croatian scholar D. Gorjanović-Kramberger. Some 500 fragments of bones of Neanderthal man (more than 20 individuals) have been found. Researchers have also found Mousterian-type stone tools (crude flakes with randomly worked edges and small bifacial picks), the remains of a hearth, and bones of the cave bear, rhinoceros, and primitive bull. The human bones were split and charred, which some archaeologists interpret as evidences of cannibalism.


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Caspari's contention was supported by a reexamination offossil bones from Krapina conducted by Erik Trinkaus of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.
It seems that the practice of catching eagles for their feathers and talons may go back as far as 130 thousand years ago, based on evidence of use of White-tailed Eagle talons as jewellery by Neanderthals at Krapina in Croatia, but the paper highlights a special connection with the Golden Eagle.
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Forms with a list of mandatory documentation attached can be downloaded at the Administrative Department for Economy, Agriculture, Transport and Communal Infrastructure, Magistratska 1, 49000 Krapina or on the website: (Tenders and public invitations).
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Claims are submitted on the form, personally in the Department of Health, Social Welfare, Youth and Youth, or by post to the address: Krapina-Zagorje County, Magistratska 1, 49 000 Krapina. An application for a Household Statement (also a form) and other necessary documentation to prove the facts relevant to the exercise of the right (income certificates, certificates of regular education, proof that the family is a single parent, etc.) are submitted
"Some kind of mortuary practice that had symbolic significance was going on at Krapina," Cook suggests.
Moreover, several Neandertals who inhabited Croatia's Krapina Cave around 130,000 years ago sustained skull fractures that would have knocked them unconscious and required life-saving aid from others for at least a few days, says Janet Monge of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
Caption: OPPOSITE: statues of a Neanderthal group at the Krapina Neanderthal Site, Croatia.
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