Krasnaia Gorka, Battle of 1790

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Krasnaia Gorka, Battle of (1790)


a battle between Russian and Swedish squadrons on May 23–24 in the Gulf of Finland to the northwest of Krasnaia Gorka during the war between Russia and Sweden in 1788–90.

On May 23, the Russian Kronstadt squadron of Vice Admiral A. I. Kruz (17 ships of the line, four frigates, and eight oared frigates) attacked General Admiral Karl of Sodermanland (22 ships of the line, eight frigates, and four small frigates). After a four-hour battle, the Swedish ships retreated. An attack by Swedish oared gunboats during the calm was repulsed by F. I. Dennison’s detachment of frigates. When the fighting was renewed, neither side achieved victory. On May 24 the Russian ships attempted to draw the Swedish squadron into the shallow Kronstadt roadstead and hold it until Admiral V. la. Chichagov’s Revel squadron approached. Attempts by the Swedes to break through the formation of Russian ships were thwarted by the skillful actions of Dennison’s detachment. In the evening, having received news of the approach of the Revel squadron, the Swedes retreated. Russian losses were 94 killed and 246 wounded; the Swedes lost 84 dead and 283 wounded. On May 26 the Russian squadrons joined up and blockaded the Swedish fleet in Vyborg Bay.


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