Krasnodar Territory

Krasnodar Territory,

administrative division (1995 pop. 5,004,200), 32,317 sq mi (83,701 sq km), SE European Russia, extending E from the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea into the KubanKuban
, river, c.570 mi (920 km) long, rising in the Greater Caucasus on the western slopes of Mt. Elbrus, S European Russia, and flowing north in a wide arc past Karachayevsk, Cherkessk, and Armavir, then W past Krasnodar, entering the Sea of Azov through two arms.
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 steppe and straddling the northwestern end of the Greater Caucasus. Krasnodar is the capital. The territory includes the Adygey RepublicAdygey Republic
or Adygeya,
formerly Adyge Autonomous Region,
constituent republic (1990 est. pop. 435,000), c.2,935 sq mi (7,600 sq km), an enclave within Krasnodar Territory, SE European Russia, at the northern foothills of the Greater Caucasus.
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. The main agricultural section is in the Kuban steppe and along the lower Kuban River. Most of the area has high quality black soil. The territory is one of Russia's principal tobacco-growing regions. The subtropical Black Sea littoral produces fruit, tea, and wine and is dotted with health resorts, of which Sochi is the best known. There are petroleum, gas, machinery, cement, and lumber industries. Krasnodar, Maykop, and Armavir are the chief industrial centers; Tuapse is the main port. More than 90% of the population is Russian and Ukrainian; their dialect is a mixture of the two languages. The rest of the population is Adygey or Circassian. The area N of the Kuban belonged to the Crimean Khanate and was annexed by Russia in 1783. The Kuban Cossacks, who settled there, gradually displaced the native nomadic Nogay Tatars. The Black Sea littoral was ceded to Russia by Turkey in the Treaty of Adrianople (1829). The remainder, known as CircassiaCircassia
, historic region, encompassing roughly the area between the Black Sea, the Kuban River, and the Caucasus, now largely the Krasnodar Territory of SE European Russia. The Circassians are a Muslim people, whose Russian name is Cherkess and whose native name is Adygey.
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, was annexed in 1864. Krasnodar Territory was formed in 1937.
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Member of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, representative from the legislative (representative) public authority of the Krasnodar Territory Vladimir Beketov participated in the All-Russian Forum of Agricultural Producers.
MOSCOW, July 3 (KUNA) -- A MiG-29 fighter on Friday crashed near the Kushchyovskaya airfield in the Krasnodar Territory in southern Russia, the pilot ejected and has already been evacuated, Tass news agency quoted Russian Defense Ministry as saying.
We hope that the direct connection will boost the tourism from the Middle East countries to the Krasnodar territory, famous for its outstanding resorts and huge business opportunities.
Krasnodar, Russia, Shawwal 11, 1433, Aug 29, 2012, SPA -- A storm warning has issued for Krasnodar Territory, head of the Krasnodar Territory Hydrometeorological Centre Yuri Tkachenko told Itar-Tass on Wednesday.
The Emergency Situations Ministry confirmed the death toll and said a plane carrying rescuers has left for disaster relief efforts in the Krasnodar Territory.
Subscribers in the Krasnodar territory and Adygea are the leaders in terms of mobile data consumption on Sky Link's network," said Michael Mochulsky, general director of Sky Link-Krasnodar.
The operator, Kubanelectrosvyaz, a subsidiary of Southern Telecommunications Company (UTK), covers the southern Krasnodar territory and will install Alvarion networks in three of Russia's southern cities: Krasnodar, Sochi and Novorossiysk.
The Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea will be engaged in the formation and promotion of interregional tourist products, including a unified network of tourist and sightseeing routes.
As part of his working trip to the Krasnodar Territory, Vladimir Putin also visited the Lukyanenko National Grain Centre.