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an urban-type settlement; administrative center of Gafuriiskii Raion, Bashkir ASSR. It is situated on the Usolka River (Kama basin), 22 km southeast of the Beloe Ozero station on the Ufa-TiuPgan railroad line and 133 km southeast of Ufa. Population, 12,000 (1970).

Krasnousol’skii arose in 1752 in connection with the building of a copper-smelting works, which was made into a glassworks in 1893 (it produces windowpanes). It is a balneological and pelotherapeutic health resort. The summers are warm (mean July temperature, 20°C) and the winters are cold (mean January temperature, −15°C); annual precipitation is 630 mm. The therapeutic facilities include chloride, sodium, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfate-calcium waters used for bathing and drinking; and silty mud. There is treatment for persons suffering from diseases of the motor and support organs and the digestive, gynecological, and nervous systems. The resort has a sanatorium and a clinic for balneotherapy and pelotherapy.

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