Kratt, Ivan Fedorovich

Kratt, Ivan Fedorovich


Born Aug. 29 (Sept. 10), 1899, in the village of OPshany, in present-day Sosnitsa Raion, Chernigov Oblast; died May 19, 1950, in Leningrad. Soviet Russian writer.

Kratt traveled extensively in the USSR. His collections of short stories, including My Land (1938), The Last Ulakhan (1939), and The House in the Middle of the Tundra (1941), are devoted to the transformation of the North and Far East. Kratt wrote the novel Gold (1939), the two-volume historical work The Great Ocean (book 1, The Island ofBaranov, 1945; book 2, Ross Colony, 1950), the short story collections The Law of Life (1942) and Toilers of War (1944), and the novella The Harsh Shore (1947), which is about the defense of Leningrad.


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