Edwin G Krebs

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Krebs, Edwin G. (Gerhard)

(1918–  ) biochemist; born in Lansing, Iowa. He was an intern and assistant resident at Barnes Hospital, St. Louis (1944–45), then moved to Washington University, St. Louis (1946–48), where he worked with biochemists Carl and Gerty Cori. He relocated to the University of Washington: Seattle (1948–68), where he collaborated with biochemist Edmond Fischer to demonstrate that biochemical mechanisms, including those of the immune system, cancer cells, and hormonally-related reactions, are basic to all living cells. This research won Krebs and Fischer the 1992 Nobel Prize in physiology. Krebs became professor of biochemistry and department chairman at the University of California: Davis School of Medicine (1968–77). He returned to Seattle to join the University of Washington School of Medicine (1977–91) and became affiliated with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Seattle (1983).
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