(The Peasant Woman), a Soviet sociopolitical and literary journal, written for peasant women. A monthly. Published in Moscow since 1922.

Krest’ianka tells about the social and working activity of the women of the countryside. It publishes essays, articles, and correspondence dealing with morals, preschool institutions for children, child rearing at home and in school, and the new living style and culture of the village. It prints advice on running the home. Among those whose essays have appeared in the journal are M. I. Kalinin, N. K. Krupskaia, M. I. Ul’ianova, A. I. Ul’-ianova-Elizarova, and A. V. Lunacharskii. The Soviet poets and writers of fiction who have contributed to Krest’ianka include M. Gorky, D. Bednyi, A. S. Serafimovich, A. S. Neverov, and A. T. Tvardovskii. The journal has a large number of women correspondents in the villages. It is beautifully illustrated. A free supplement is given out with each issue: lessons in dressmaking, knitting and crocheting, and fashion. The first issue of Krest ’- ianka had a pressrun of 5,000; in 1973 the circulation was 6.3 million. The journal was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1972.


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But I go to the store regularly on the tenth of the month and always ask for the latest issue of Krestianka" [Farmer Woman].
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