Krog, Helge

Krog, Helge


Born Feb. 9, 1889, in Christiania, now Oslo; died there July 30, 1962. Norwegian dramatist.

Krog graduated from the University of Christiania in 1911 and started work as a journalist. He published his first play in 1919, a tragicomedy entitled The Great We (Russian translation, 1958), which was directed against the venal bourgeois press. Social conflicts formed the basis of his plays Jarl’s House (1923) and On the Sunny Side (1927). In his psychological dramas The Shell (1929), En Route (1931), and The Break (1936), Krog, in the realistic traditions of Ibsen, portrayed his heroines as striving for equality and freedom from the fetters of false philistine morality. Krog’s drama The Living and the Dead (1945) tells of those who fought in the Resistance Movement. His critical and publicistic articles were collected in his Thoughts on Books and Writers (1929), Thoughts: Literature, Christianity, and Politics (1947), and To Speak the Truth (1954).


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