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(Crocodile), a Soviet satirical magazine. From 1922 it was published in Moscow as a weekly supplement to Rabochaia gazeta (The Workers’ Paper). Since 1932 it has been published three times a month by Pravda Publishing House.

Krokodil’s founder and first editor was the party journalist and satiric writer K. S. Eremeev. The magazine attracted such men as D. Bednyi, V. Mayakovsky, V. Kataev, M. Kol’tsov, I. Il’f, E. Petrov, and many other prominent Soviet writers, as well as the artists D. Moor, V. Deni, K. Rotov, B. Efimov, and lu. Ganf. Armed with satire and humor, Krokodil wages a struggle against what is unfavorable and alien to Soviet life and exposes bourgeois ideology and imperialistic reactionism.

Krokodil played a large part in establishing the principles of Soviet satire and in the formation of multinational Soviet satirical magazines. Its tasks were formulated in the decrees of the Central Committee of the ACP (B) On the Magazine Krokodil (1948) and On the Shortcomings of the Magazine Krokodil and the Steps Needed to Eliminate Them (1951). The magazine’s circulation in 1973 numbered 5.5 million copies. The magazine was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1972.


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Zuma's incoherent television appearance was an old jackal meeting an old krokodil.
The krokodil use disorder is an addictive pathology with quite severe organic effects, especially at the skin level, that causes severe and degenerative necrosis of blood and muscle tissue.
In Russia, kids who can't afford booze do a drug called krokodil that's hugely cheap but which makes their skin fall off their bodies and then kills them.
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For example: 'reefer madness' asserted that cannabis use led to psychosis, violence, weird orgies, wild parties and unleashed passion; 'crack babies' asserted that crack cocaine taken during pregnancy led to mentally damaged babies that would struggle to function normally; methamphetamine was portrayed as the most addictive drug in the world; it was claimed 'bath salts' caused a man to eat the face of another man; and most recently krokodil was presented as a flesh eating drug.
Although not officially confirmed as yet, it is strongly rumoured that the replacements behind the similar masks are Alessandro Venturella from Krokodil, who's secret identity was revealed by an eagle eyed fan recognising a tattoo on his hand and Jay Weinberg, son of Bruce Springsteen's drummer Max.
Otros pueden ser la serie de efectos y afectos sobre el cuerpo que se presentan en las diferentes adicciones a las drogas que pasan por el deterioro de funciones cognitivas hasta la paranoia, esquizofrenia o convulsiones, ataques al corazon, danos cerebrales, problemas respiratorios como el asma, el enfisema pulmonar, diferentes tipo de cancer o en los ultimos casos extremos lo que sucede con la fatal droga denominada Krokodil donde las reacciones implican la literal devoracion del cuerpo (4).
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