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a balneological resort in the Polish People’s Republic, in the Beskidy Sadecki, 100 km southwest of Kraków in the Kryniczanka River Valley, at an elevation of 600 m. The climate is moderately humid, with mild, sunny winters (mean January temperature –5°C) and moderately warm summers (mean July temperature 17°C). Annual precipitation totals 800 mm.

Therapy involves the use of cold, carbonated, slightly mineralized bicarbonate and calcium springs (Tadeusz, Karol, Główny, Józef, Jan) and highly mineralized bicarbonate and sodium springs (Zuber I, II, III, IV). The formula for the chemical composition of the Karol spring is

The spring waters are used for drinking, baths, inhalation, bottling, and the production of gas (for “dry” carbonated baths). There is also pelotherapy. Disorders treated include cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, gynecological diseases, and metabolic abnormality. The health resort includes sanatoriums, houses of rest, bathhouses, drinking fountains, a branch of the Krakow Medical Academy, hotels, guest houses, and sports facilities. Krynica is also a tourist center and ski resort.


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