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Korn Shell

A command line processor for Unix that adds extensions to the Bourne shell. Created at Bell Labs by David Korn and other contributors in the 1980s, the Korn shell (ksh) includes many C shell functions but is supported by more versions of Unix.

Desktop Korn shell
Bundled with various Unix operating systems, Desktop Korn shell (dtksh) is an extended version of the graphics-based Common Desktop Environment (see CDE). Developed by Stephen Pendergrast Jr., Desktop Korn shell added a GUI interface and graphics capability to the command-line Korn shell. See Bourne shell, bash shell, C shell and Unix.
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(3) Cost of leaf collection and processing per kg made tea is KSh. 100
Customers flying the Pride of Africa will now be able to make ticket payments using Pesalink for amounts up to Ksh 999,999."
Total expenditures on FP from government and development partners in the two counties (expressed in millions or M) were: KSh 141.16 M (US$ 1.66 M) in 2010/11 and KSh 166.64 M (US$ 1.96 M) in 2011/12, for a two-year total of KSh 307.80 M (US$ 3.62 M) (Table 2)
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According to Omoni-Kimani, the average Kenyan production cost between Ksh 300,000 and Ksh 500,000 ($3,700 to $6,200) for a half-hour show, compared with around $620 to license foreign content.
dollars would buy in another country.) If $1 in the United States can buy food containing 2,100 calories, and Kenyans can buy 2,100 calories for 32 Kenya shiftings (Ksh), then the PPP dollar exchange rate is Ksh 32 to the dollar.
She no longer spends KSh.3,000 a week on travel to the market and KSh.5,500 on transporting the goods: she arranges it all by cell phone for just KSh.4,000, including airtime, she told our colleague June Arunga for her 2007 report The Cell Phone Revolution in Kenya.
The trade surplus was 547.9 million euros in July after a surplus of 457.3 million in June, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said based on preliminary data.
For example, a June 25, 2007 story, citing Hungary's Central Statistical Office (KSH) as the source, said that retail sales declined in April 2007 2.5 percent when compared with the same month in 2006.
Ellen Siever, et.al.'s LINUX IN A NUTSHELL: A DESKTOP QUICK REFERENCE (0596009305, $44.95) appears in its updated fifth edition covering virtually anything a Linux programmer would need, from basic programming and network commands to quick references for bash, ksh, gawk and more, package management, bootloaders, and command-line utilities.