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(Sanskrit, from kshatra, “dominion,” “rule”), one of the four main varnas, or social estates of ancient India.

The Kshatriya varna originated among Aryan tribes in the pre-Indian period as a result of the separation of military and government functions from productive labor when the primitive society was in the stage of decay. In the ancient Indian states, the Kshatriyas, who constituted the military and tribal aristocracy, assumed the ruling political and economic position; they were the rulers of states, officials, landowners, and professional soldiers. By the middle of the first millennium A.D. membership in the Kshatriya varna had ceased to determine the composition of the ruling class. In the Middle Ages it existed only as a traditional idea; for example, members of the military feudal Rajput caste, who had no hereditary link with the ancient varna, were called Kshatriyas.


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People from all communities--Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Jat Sikhs and the Dalits-worshiped at the temple in the traditional style, took rounds of the holy fire and recited hymns in praise of Lord Shiva.
The early history of the Jana kingship began around the eighth century is, during the later Vedic age, when the rajas belonging to elite lineages, called rajanyas, within the Kshatriya caste, came to dominate the military-nobility nexus within the Indian context.
While he is venerated as a playful, romantic god in the rest of India, he arrives in Goa as a kshatriya warrior to stay the demon-god Narkasur.
that, they say, is divine speech (8.103); when telling the truth will result in the execution of a shudra, vaishya, kshatriya, or a Brahmin, a man may tell a lie.
The Rai Kshatriya community at present lives on land given to them by the Government of Bangladesh in Khidirpur village of Atgharia sub-district, which falls in Pabna district of Bangladesh.
Commenting on the results, Naveen Kshatriya, Vice Chairman, Castrol India Limited, said, "The results reflect the challenging base oil and additive cost environment in the first half of the year.
Civic commissioner Swadhin Kshatriya accepted the excellence award from President Pratibha Patil, for recognition as the first civic body to earn from carbon credits and to receive the first cheque of Rs.
According to some commentators the dwija (twice born) is found not only among brahmanas, but also among kshatriya and vaishyas, all of whom must pass through the four stages of life to attin the four vargas or purusharthas (goals) of life viz.
- Mr S S Kshatriya, Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
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