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see GudrunGudrun
or Kudrun
, in Germanic literature. 1 Heroine of the Icelandic epic, the Volsungasaga. 2 Heroine and title person of an anonymous Middle High German epic written shortly after and strongly influenced by the Nibelungenlied (see under Nibelungen).
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13) The Old High German Kudrun is a legendary story of the same circle as Thidrekssaga.
THE epic of Kudrun, the written form of which probably dates from the first half of the thirteenth century, survives only in the early sixteenth-century Ambraser Heldenbuch.
10) Ten years later, Smithers resurrected the notion of a cup-of-death topos native to Germanic heroic poetry by noting several fairly consistent analogues in Kudrun, Wigamur, the Nibelungenlied, and the ninth-century Ludwigslied, which euphemistically relates that King Ludwig, victorious in battle, poured out bitter drink for his foes ('skancta cehanton sinan fianton / bitteres lides', 53-4).
Samples's chapter may be the only one where the organization is questionable: a single chapter on all "heroic" narratives from the Alexanderlied through the Nibelungenlied and Kudrun is perhaps overburdened.
In the Kudrun story Hagen starts off like a classical hero 'with the compulsory danger-point shared by Achilles, Siegfried and indeed Superman' (p.