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see GudrunGudrun
or Kudrun
, in Germanic literature. 1 Heroine of the Icelandic epic, the Volsungasaga. 2 Heroine and title person of an anonymous Middle High German epic written shortly after and strongly influenced by the Nibelungenlied (see under Nibelungen).
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13) The Old High German Kudrun is a legendary story of the same circle as Thidrekssaga.
The texts listed in the bibliography are what the book is about: Old High German, Hildebrandslied and Ludwigslied; Middle High German, Herzog Ernst, Rolandslied by the Pfaffe Konrad, Nibelungenlied and Diu Klage, Kudrun, and Heinrich von Kempten by Konrad von Wurzburg; Old Saxon, Heliand; Anglo-Saxon, Beowulf, The Battle of Maldon, Deor, Guthlac (we are told, p.
So too are works with a more complex provenance, such as Kudrun, admittedly known from an Austrian manuscript, albeit a sixteenth-century one, but where the one certain Upper German fact about the work is the initial letter of the heroine's name.