Kudzag Gabrelovich Dzesov

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Dzesov, Kudzag Gabrelovich


Born July 1, 1905, in the village of Edisa, present-day Dzhava Raion, Iuzhnaia Osetiia Autonomous Oblast. Soviet Ossetian writer.

Dzesov, the son of a peasant, first published his works in 1925. A graduate from the Moscow Institute of Journalism in 1927, he was a delegate to the first congress of writers of the USSR in 1934. He has published the collections of stories For Bread (1959) and Strong Mothers (1962), the children’s books The Police Officer (1932) and The Wonderful Doll (1963), the novellas Mistress of the Bird Kingdom (1967) and Uneasiness (1964), and the plays The Unwilling Actress and The Bashful Bride (1957). Dzesov vividly depicts field workers and intellectuals; he portrays the life and character of the people in a variety of ways.


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