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a balneological health resort in Chita Oblast, RSFSR, situated at an elevation of 790 m in the Kislye Kliuchi River valley, 65 km southwest of Chita and 7 km from the Lesnoi railroad station.

The climate is markedly continental; the summers are moderately warm (average July temperature, 16°C), and the winters are cold (average January temparature, –23°C). Annual precipitation, 300–350 mm. Medical treatment employs a carbonic ferruginous spring with the chemical formula

It is used for bathing, drinking, and bottling. Patients with digestive disorders are treated at Kuka. The resort has a sanatorium and a bathhouse.

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The new and improved position of the energy supply system is just one example of the many details on the robot that have been enhanced," explained Christoph Schaible, KUKA Product Manager.
Till Reuter, CEO KUKA AG said: With Huawei, an established leader in global ICT technologies and IoT solutions and with its influential role in China a world-wide center of manufacturing, these new cooperation focuses will open a great amount of realistic opportunities for us to drive and facilitate early acceptance of the smart production applications in the manufacturing sector, and hence a highly appreciated value add to our customers.
Zhang Hongbiao says he is unable to comprehend why politicians in Europe are so worried about the Kuka takeover.
Midea's offer is also subject to "certain conditions," the statement said, which include "achieving a minimum acceptance threshold of 30 percent of the issued shares of Kuka, including the shares already owned by Midea, necessary antitrust and other regulatory clearances and approval of the transaction by the shareholders' general meeting of Midea.
KUKA Robotics awarded Midwest Engineered Systems with this honor for having the greatest percentage increase in unit sales by a systems partner from 2013-2014.
Earlier this month, KUKA officially opened a new R&D and production facility for advanced aerospace automation solutions in Le Haillan, France.
In fact, we have been using Kuka robots very successfully for some time," said David Hayward, Managing Director of Linkx Systems, "and we are delighted that we have now been formally appointed as a System Partner, as this will enable us to make even better use of Kuka technology for the benefit of our customers.
Daniel Lambie, Sales and Marketing Director for Kensal, said, "Each KUKA Systems Partner company is selected according to stringent criteria, including technical expertise and industry experience, to ensure their products, technical knowledge and business philosophies match KUKA's high standards.
We are happy to partner with KUKA to bring Georgia Tech students the opportunity for hands-on learning with sophisticated robotics equipment," said Lauren Steele, vice president of corporate affairs at CCBCC.
These technological breakthroughs underscore Kuka Systems' commitment to be out front supporting our customers with technology that maximises production efficiency and environmental performance," says Larry Drake, president and CEO of Kuka Systems Group.
KUKA Automation + Robotics, the UK's leading supplier of industrial robots and automated production systems, has just won an award for the best automation and robotics application in the food industry by Food Processing magazine.
KUKA is the body-in-white manufacturer at Chrysler's successful Toledo Supplier Park that builds the Jeep Wrangler.