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Normalization of inter-Korean economic projects, including the Kaesong industrial park and suspended cross-border tours to the North's eastern slopes of Kumgangsan, was a clause in the agreement reached between the two leaders of the Koreas in Pyongyang last month.
In September of 2011, an old, clunky, rusted Cold War-era cargo freighter set out for the first time to take Chinese tourists from the North Korean border port of Rajin south to the mountain resort area of Kumgangsan, near the eastern end of the De-Militarized Zone separating the two countries.
The Sinuiju SAR seems to have been de facto abandoned as an institutional project, while the Kaesong and Kumgangsan ones still operate, if subject to the ups-and-down of political relations with South Korea--the main investor there.
Friday's agreement calls for the event to be held alternately at the Seoul-financed reunion center and the North's Kumgangsan Hotel, Unification Ministry spokesman Chun Hae-sung told reporters.
South Korea Government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has passed a decision to freeze South Korean real estate in the Kumgangsan tourist region, the Korean Central News Agency /KCNA/ said Thursday quoting a representative of the department for development of tourist areas.
In contrast to China's economically progressive form of communism, North Korea has been almost entirely closed to foreign enterprise, with the exception of specially designated regions situated at its four comers: Rason (which includes Najin, in the northeast); Sinuiju (in the northwest); Kaesong Industrial Complex (in the southwest); and Kumgangsan Tourist Region (in the southeast).
A 1996 Wall Street Journal profile reported persistent rumors that her ventures across the border--which by then included Moon's Kumgangsan development company--were a front for espionage.
He gave me his card, which listed two affiliations: Pyounghwa Motors and KumGangSan. "Look me up the next time you're in Seoul," he said.
The 82 members of the Kumgangsan Opera Troupe will stay one week in Seoul at the invitation of a South Korean civic group and give four performances there beginning Dec.
For example, Hyundai group chairman Chung Mong-hun's plan to set up a tourism venture in the famed Kumgangsan (Diamond Mountains), scheduled to start on 25 September, seems to have stalled.
An enormous Stalinoid R&R facility not far from the Kumgangsan Hotel in the lovely Diamond Mountains on Korea's east coast (once favored by Russians when thousands of them still served here as foreign experts) reflects this creeping change.
The Trans-Korean Railway includes three main rail routes, including the Donghae Line along the east coast from Gangneung of the South to Kumgangsan of the North, the Kumgangsan Line in the central areas from Cheorwon to Naegumgang, and the Gyeongui Line through the west of the peninsula from Seoul to Sinuiju.