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Kongur Shan

, Kungur, Qungur
a mountain in China, in W Xinjiang Uygur: the highest peak in the Pamirs. Height: 7719 m (25 325 ft.)
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a city in Perm’ Oblast, RSFSR, situated near the influx of the Iren’ and Shakva rivers into the Sylva River (Kama Basin); a railroad station on the Perm’-Kusino line 101 km southeast of Perm’. Population, 77,000 (1972).

Kungur has a plant producing petroleum-drilling equipment, a leather-goods and footwear combine, and a sawmill and furniture combine. It manufactures ceramics, stone carvings, and baians. Petroleum is extracted in the area. The city has an automotive-transportation technicum, a forestry technicum, an evening technicum for leather and footwear manufacture, two agricultural technicums, and a pedagogical school. There is a museum of local lore.

Kungur was founded in 1648, 17 km above the mouth of the Iren’ River. It was moved to its present site in 1668 and became a city in 1781. The Kungur Peshchera is on the outskirts of the city.

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* The soils of Kungur forest-steppe that have economic and ecological value are characterized by significant steadiness to contamination by heavy metals.
Russian dairy and juice maker Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods (NYSE:WBD) said it had bought the Kungur dairy plant in the Perm region, in a move to boost its position in the Urals.
and inovertsy [non-Orthodox] in Kungur District." (33) While the arrears of the ascribed peasants are attributed to specific concerns internal to the budget, and those of the inovertsy to national politics, the remaining Russian taxpaying population punctually and fully paid the soul tax.
The Kungur plant has good access to raw materials in the region and a state-of-the-art facility, the buyer said.
Lukoshnikov actively promoted and helped to finance charitable societies in Perm', a later governor opposed granting permission to any new associations in the town of Kungur, even one ostensibly devoted to developing members' love of literature, science, and art.
Dmitrii Redin's Administrativnye struktury i biurokratiia Urala v epokhu petrovskikh reform is longer than Pisar'kova's text (minus her tables), but more tightly focused on the course of the Petrine administrative reforms in the Urals region (the western part of the governorship of Siberia, which was capitaled at Tobol'sk and included Tiumen', Turinsk, Pelym', Verkhotur'e, Kungur, Solikamsk, Cherdyn', Kaigorodok, and Viatka).