Kupreianov, Mikhail

Kupreianov, Mikhail Vasil’evich


Born Nov. 1 (13), 1853; died Apr. 18 (30), 1878. Russian revolutionary, Narodnik (Populist). From the dvorianstvo (nobility or gentry).

Kupreianov studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology. In August 1871 he helped found the Chaikovskii circle. He maintained ties with Russian political émigrés, helped move literature across the border, and engaged in propaganda activities among the workers. In December 1873 he organized P. N. Tkachev’s escape from domestic exile. In March 1874, Kupreianov was arrested. He was one of the defendants in the Trial of the 193 (1877–78). He was held in the Peter and Paul Fortress, where he died.