Kurgan Cattle

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Kurgan Cattle


a meat and dairy breed of cattle. It was developed on kolkhozes and sovkhozes in Kurgan Oblast, RSFSR, by crossing Shorthorns with domestic Trans-Ural cattle that were improved by Simmental, Tagil, Iaroslavl’, and Red Steppe breeds. The breed was registered in 1949. According to body build and productivity, two types are distinguished—dairymeat and meat-dairy. The color of the cattle is principally red, red-mottled, and roan. The milk productivity of red Kurgan cows is 3,000–3,200 kg per year; record yields are 5,000 kg or more. The fat content of the milk is 3.9–4.0 percent. The bulls weigh 800–900 kg; the cows, 450–550 kg. The animals mature early and have good meat qualities. At 12 months of age, bulls weigh about 300 kg and at 18 months, up to 450 kg. The dressed yield is 55–65 percent. The breed is raised in Kurgan Oblast.


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