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see CushCush
or Kush
. 1 Son of Ham and father of the Asian nation of the same name, perhaps the same nation as one of similar name in E Mesopotamia. Gen. 10.8; 1 Chron. 1.10. 2 Benjamite opposed to David. Ps. 7, title.
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, Kush Old Testament
1. the son of Ham and brother of Canaan (Genesis 10:6)
2. the country of the supposed descendants of Cush (ancient Ethiopia), comprising approximately Nubia and the modern Sudan, and the territory of southern (or Upper) Egypt
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The show 'Ram Siya Ke - Luv Kush' premiered on Hindi GEC Colors on 5th August 2019 and runs through weekdays at 8:30 pm.
Seized during the operation were five sachets of ecstasy, two sachets of Kush and drug paraphernalia.
Speaking to the Star, Man Kush said the young generation is being taught bad manners by supporting artistes in releasing the 'Wamlambez' kinda songs.
alice + olivia's CEO and creative director Stacey Bendet and Olivia Alexander, the founder and CEO of Kush Queen, collaborated to create a collection which includes an initial lineup of topical products and bath products.
In this regard both the organization would organize an interactive session on the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) Assessment, which is aiming at to share and amplify the key findings of the HKH Assessment, which calls for action and a way forward for promoting regional cooperation around mountains to sustain the globally important region.
(https://www.leafly.com/indica/master-kush) Master Kush is yet another indica strain that makes everyone's top list.
Realising that Kush is spoken for, the heartbroken Bex packs a bag and leaves the Square.
Kush feels so awkward about being the object of the teen's affections that he decides to come clean about it to Martin.
Some tomfoolery involving Big Mo's big knickers was the catalyst for Kush and Kat to finally act on those eyeing-up sessions.
Investigation showed that a poseur buyer bought a sachet of suspected kush worth P1,500 from Peloton and Pena.
Hindu Kush is a high mountain system located in the immediate west of Karakorum and Himalayas.