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South Africa: see KwaZulu-NatalKwaZulu-Natal
, province (2011 pop. 10,267,300), 36,433 sq mi (94,361 sq km), E South Africa, on the Indian Ocean. Formerly Natal province, in the post-apartheid constitution of 1994 it was renamed KwaZulu-Natal.
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; ZululandZululand
, historic region and home of the Zulus, c.10,000 sq mi (25,900 sq km), NE KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Zululand is bordered by the Indian Ocean on the east, by Mozambique on the north, and by Swaziland on the west.
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Three other men were arrested at a house in Durban, capital city of the KwaZulu Natal province, where it is alleged chemicals recognised as ingredients for drugs such as cocaine were found.
Amazulu World will be located midway between Durban, the largest city in the KwaZulu Natal pro-vince, and Richards Bay, the country's main port.
We are repeating our warnings about vigilance in certain parts of South Africa, particularly in KwaZulu Natal where there have been incidents of hijacking and robbery,'' said a Foreign Office spokesman.
But, the tension in KwaZulu Natal heightened in 1998 with waves of killings in Richmond.
The researchers conclude that the people of KwaZulu Natal have a lower risk of fumonisin [B.
Rumors that white security officials had blackened their faces and fought alongside soldiers of KwaZulu Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi against ANC-allied forces in the townships poisoned relations between the National Party and the ANC over the next two years.
According to an official statement by the National Institute for Communicable Disease, "The KwaZulu Natal man who returned from Sierra Leone has tested negative for the Ebola Virus.
Although it didn't raise a large sum of money, something like pounds 300 to pounds 400, this small sum was sent out to Kwazulu to be used to improve security around the area where these particular burial cairns were sited.
Now ceramics from the Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio based in Kwazulu, Natal, are on display at Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery in Brecon.
It was not clear if the attack was linked to political unrest in KwaZulu, on the south east coast of South Africa.
Suites are named after geographic locations such as: Antigua, Jaipur, KwaZulu and Marbella and feature Bulgari amenities and an in-suite Tequila service.