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(both: kwā`kwā`), city (1992 pop. 75,425), central Zimbabwe, founded 1900. It is a gold-mining center and the focal point of Zimbabwe's iron and steel industry.
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"The opposition candidate who defeated him in Kwe Kwe Central, after a bitter campaign in 2000, narrowly escaped death when Zanu-PF youths who had abducted him and doused him with petrol were unable to light a match," Holland wrote.
Ugain mlynedd yn il mi adeiladodd ffrind i mi, Jimmy Sanders, gnr yn wreiddiol o Blackpool, westy enfawr mewn tref o'r enw Kwe Kwe, hanner ffordd union rhwng Bulawayo a'r brifddinas Harare gyda llwyddiant mawr.
The priest worked in Kwe Kwe, which is 366 miles south of the capital Harare, before moving to the town of Masvingo, 186 miles south of Harare.
My usual friendly Mohawk "Kwe Kwe!" greeting was met on the other end of the line with a few seconds of silence, and then some muffled grunts and a bunch of funny clicking noises.
On this basis, ore in Shurugwi can be defined as: that rock (chromitite) which contains sufficient and acceptable levels of chromium and iron to warrant mining and transportation to Kwe Kwe for smelting.
But 18 years on from independence, steel factory worker George Mpofu told me in the rural town of Kwe Kwe when I was there two weeks ago: "I was better off under Ian Smith."