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see GuilinGuilin
or Kweilin
, city (1994 est. pop. 707,200), N Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, S China, on the Li River. It is a transportation center, with connections by rail, river, and road.
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, China.
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, Kweilin, Kuei-lin
a city in S China, in Guangxi Zhuang AR on the Li River: noted for the unusual caves and formations of the surrounding karst scenery; trade and manufacturing centre. Pop.: 631 000 (2005 est.)
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For example, although Suyuan claims that the East is where all begins, we learn that this "East" is not static; in fact, it moves and changes just as her Kweilin story changes each time she tells it.
Wall space is being designed that will showcase the firm's art collection, which includes 125 pieces of artwork by Arkansans, including Jon Deering's acrylic on canvas "Nevermore" and a water color and a pencil from Townsend Wolfe's "Kweilin Series."
In a sense the only bright spot on the Japanese horizon was the offensive the Japanese army started in Kweichow Province at the end of 1944 to seize the American air base in Kweilin.(31)
Principal battles: Ting-sze-chiao, Ho-shen-chiao (northern Hunan) (1926); Shanghai II (1937); Kweilin (Guilin) (1944).
Yangtze Valley, Inner Mongolia (using all-terrain bikes), East China, South China, Silk Road, Yunnan Province and Kweilin, 18 to 26 days, $1,995 to $3,174; 63 departures.
I humbly offer a correction on the origins of the funds for the new church in Kweilin. It is not principally funded by Germany but by an Austrian organization of Catholic youth called Katholischen Jungschar Oesterreichs, based in Vienna.
The Chinese Dragon Way in South Clerk Street has spectacular interior decorations and equally spectacular food, while the Kweilin in Dundas Street has long been a guarantor of good food and service.
Lord Louis Mountbatten (July 1943); coaxed both the British and the Chinese into the Salween-Myitkyina-Mogaung offensive (March-August 1944), which resulted in the capture of Myitkyina (August 3) and the liberation of northern Burma; promoted to temporary general (August 7, 1944), but despite these successes, his relationship with Chiang deteriorated, especially after the Japanese ICHIGO offensive at Kweilin (Guilin) (June-October 1944); President Roosevelt recalled him to the U.S.
Around the town, Ian re- commends Pasquale's in Gilmore Place for Italian food while the Kweilin serves up the best Chinese fare.