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see CumansCumans
or Kumans
, nomadic East Turkic people, identified with the Kipchaks (or the western branch of the Kipchaks) and known in Russian as Polovtsi. Coming from NW Asian Russia, they conquered S Russia and Walachia in the 11th cent.
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a medieval Turkic people known in Asia as Kipchaks, in Europe as Cuman, and in Rus’ as Polovtsy.

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The emergence of Kazakh nationality was ascribed to the period of Kazakh Khanate in 15th century, when Kerey and Zhanibek engaged in a successful struggle for separating Kazakhs Kypchak tribes from Uzbek Khanate by consolidating them on their ethnic territory.
was an important historical event, there are good grounds to suppose the contacts of ancient Udmurt with Z-Turkic language(s) of Kypchak (and probably Oghuz) type (later--Tatar and Bashkir) began already before the 13th century and the contacts with R-Turkic (Volga Bulghar, later--Chuvash) were still active in the second half of the 14th century ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1997 : 51).