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sea chub:

see rudderfishrudderfish
or sea chub,
common name for members of the family Kyphosidae, small-mouthed fishes of warm seas throughout the world. Rudderfishes commonly follow vessels (whence their name), scavenging on refuse. Best known is the Bermuda chub, averaging 3 to 4 lb (1.
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Description of the young of the kyphosid fish, Hermosilla azurea, from California.
Globally, the macroalgal grazer clade includes marine mammals (sirenians) reptiles (chelonids and squamates), a variety of herbivorous fish (kyphosids, scarids, acanthurids, pomacentrids, siganids, among some others), and a vast array of invertebrates (gastropods, amphipods, decapods, polyplacophorans, echinoderms, among others).
Labrids (two species) and kyphosids (two species) composed more than 70% of fish species abundance at the Juan Fernandez Archipelago.