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L'Aquila degli Abruzzi

(lä`kwēlä dā`lyē äbro͞ot`tsē), city (1991 pop. 66,813), capital of L'Aquila prov. and of AbruzziAbruzzi
, region (1991 pop. 1,249,054), 4,167 sq mi (10,793 sq km), central Italy, bordering on the Adriatic Sea in the east. L'Aquila is the capital of the region, which is divided into Chieti, L'Aquila, Pescara, and Teramo provs. (named for their capitals).
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, central Italy, on the Pescara River. It is an agricultural and industrial center, and a summer resort. Manufactures include construction equipment, furniture, copper goods, glass, apparel, and pasta. L'Aquila is situated at the foot of the Gran Sasso d'Italia mountain group and is a popular base for mountain climbing.

Built around a castle (13th–16th cent.), it rose to importance in the 13th cent. and later became the second city of the kingdom of Naples. However, the city's influence declined during the wars of the 16th cent. Despite several devastating earthquakes and destructive air raids during World War II, L'Aquila has retained its medieval fortifications and a number of impressive old buildings, including St. Bernardino's Basilica (15th–16th cent.). The city again suffered significant widespread damage during an Apr., 2009, earthquake. There is a university in the city.

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Look around you, there are no services, no bars, no restaurants, no newsstands, just houses surrounded by nothing," said Ottavio Masciovecchio, 60, who lives in the Paganica new town some 10 km outside L'Aquila.
Scientists and civil-defense authorities around the world should draw a lesson from the L'Aquila experience: Be thorough in your work, follow the science, and report the facts, honestly and fearlessly.
The L'Aquila residents sought input from scientists as the earthquake prone region was experiencing a swarm of small earthquakes.
Mariagrazia Settesoldi comes from a small village near L'Aquila.
Because L'Aquila is a high-risk zone," stated one committee member, "it is impossible to say with certainty that there will be no large earthquake.
When Giuliani alerted the authorities, what followed was a bit chaotic -- the authorities used vans equipped with loudspeakers to warn L'Aquila residents to leave their homes.
In his summing up earlier on Monday, Mr Picuti told the court that the defendants had provided "an incomplete, inept, unsuitable and criminally mistaken" analysis which gave the residents of L'Aquila a false sense of security.
The scientists are all members of a special committee set up to evaluate the risks of natural disasters, which held an emergency meeting in L'Aquila on May 31, 2009 -- six days before the fatal earthquake which devastated the city.
On Christmas Day residents discovered that l'Aquila risks losing up to 66 percent of its revenue.
Japan also plans to step up negotiations with the L'Aquila city government over a plan to provide financial assistance for another project to build a gymnasium, which will also serve as an evacuation center in the event of emergencies.
Professional violinist Joanna Griffith-Jones has lived in Onna, near L'Aquila, for 25 years.
Veal, a popular dish in Italy, featured twice on menus for the spouses of G8 leaders during the three-day summit in L'Aquila.

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