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study of the demoralizing effects of alcohol. [Fr. Lit.: L’Assommoir]
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Every literary theory of mine was contrary to him when I took up 'L'Assommoir,' though unconsciously I had always been as much of a realist as I could, but the book possessed me with the same fascination that I felt the other day in reading his 'L'Argent.' The critics know now that Zola is not the realist he used to fancy himself, and he is full of the best qualities of the romanticism he has hated so much; but for what he is, there is but one novelist of our time, or of any, that outmasters him, and that is Tolstoy.
Daudet (like Goncourt) was jealous of Zola's success after L'Assommoir. Zola came to consider his rival's facile collaboration in writing as corrupt, and felt his decay and failure as certain" (Christie 27).
De Sanctis had meditated on a Darwinian paradox of inverse evolution, as in the degraded character of Gervaise in L'Assommoir. Roda considers the literary treatment of the brutal in human nature, and we are soon regaled with traditional Freudian and other fictional psychological approaches.
He adopted proletarian language in L'Assommoir (much more so than in Germinal) and this time, the popular voice was less completely screened by the author's irony or condescension.
xxiv) elucidates the sense of a simmering stew of bourgeois moral squalor conveyed by a word as untranslatable as L'Assommoir. Brian Nelson provides similar, if slightly less profound and detailed, scholarly cladding; his is a new translation intended to deliver idiomatic freshness to the text, and this extends even to an astute stab at its title.
Ils peuvent cracher sur elle, ce sera comme des enfants qui se mouchent dans le tablier de leur nourrice, apres s'etre saoules de son lait [...] Est-ce que La Dame aux Camelias, est-ce que Madame Bovary, est-ce que L'Assommoir ne sont pas, en dehors de toute volonte de l'ecrivain, des oeuvres sorties de la republique des douleurs et des vices?
Le lecteur familier des romans de l'epoque s'attend a voir apparaitre un personnage a cette fenetre, comme Gervaise dans l'incipit de L'Assommoir, Roubaud dans celui de La Bete humaine, Jeanne dans Une vie ou encore madame Gervaisais dans le roman qui porte son nom.
(11) I endorse an argument by Henri Mitterand, one of the most distinguished promoters of la socio-genetique in France, who maintains that 'tout avant-texte condense, transforme, et accomode du discours social, dans des conditions telles qu'il est possible de reconstituer (hypothetiquement) les bases et le proces sociocritique du travail de preecriture' ('Programme et preconstruit genetiques: le dossier de L'Assommoir', in Essais de critique genetique, ed.
His L'Assommoir is about the only omission in Alan Krell's 'Dirt and Desire: Troubled Waters in Realist Practice', leading us through hygienist discourses and mysogynist bathings to the homoerotic exception of Caillebotte's L'Homme au bain (1884).
Modest meals are described at the Pension Vauquer in Le Pere Goriot, bread is the staff of lire in Les Miserables, there is an ironic wedding banquet in L'Assommoir, after which the solidity of food will be replaced by the liquidity of liquor (Newton).

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