László and József Madarász

Madarász, László and József


Hungarian political figures. László Madarász was born in 1811 in Gulacs and died Nov. 6, 1909, in Goodhopen, USA. His brother József was born Aug. 27, 1814, in Nemeskisfalud and died Jan. 31, 1915, in Kispest. Members of the gentry; lawyers by profession.

Before the Revolution of 1848-49 in Hungary, the Madarász brothers were aligned with the left wing of the Opposition Party (followers of L. Kossuth). During the revolution they were among the leaders of the radical group in parliament. During this same period László was chief of police and a member of the Committee for the Defense of the Homeland (he consistently fought the policy of compromise pursued by the so-called Peace Party). József in the same period was editor of left-wing newspapers. After the revolution László lived in the USA (1850-1909). József was sentenced to prison; he was freed in 1856. Beginning in the 1860’s, he resumed his political activity. He came out against the 1867 Austro-Hungarian compromise, was one of the founders (1868) and leaders of the oppositional “1848” Party, and from 1874 was a leader of the Independence Party.


Madarász, J. Emlékirataim: 1831-1881. Budapest, 1883.