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symbol for the element lutetiumlutetium,
formerly lutecium
, metallic chemical element; symbol Lu; atomic number 71; at. wt. 174.9668; m.p. about 1,663°C;; b.p. about 3,395°C;; sp. gr. 9.835 at 25°C;; valence +3. Lutetium is a silver-white metal that is relatively stable in air.
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an ancient Chinese state of the Chou period (11th to third centuries B.C.), occupying part of modern Shantung Province. Birthplace of Confucius. After the Chou conquest in 1027 B.C the area became the appanage of Po Ch’in, son of Chou Kung, the regent of the Chou state. One of the most highly developed Chinese states grew out of this appanage, playing a prominent role in the history and culture of ancient China. Declining during the sixth and fifth centuries B.C., Lu disappeared in the third century B.C., when China was united under the Ch’in dynasty

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The country code for Luxembourg.
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(Logical Unit) In IBM SNA networking, one end of a communications session. The complete LU to LU session is defined by session type. Following are the common types. See SNA.

     1  Host to 3770 RJE terminal
     2  Host to 3270 mainframe terminal
     3  Host to 3270 printer
   6.2  Program-to-program
     7  Host to 5250 midrange terminal
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