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The ability to exploit these technologies to commercial advantage has created whole new business approaches, including l-commerce (location-based commerce, or systems such as Vindigo that use a cross between GPS and PDA technologies to meet consumer demand), m-commerce (mobile or telephone-based commercial offerings), spam e-mail and broadcast fax.
We are continuously developing exciting new applications for our innovative PowerLOC L-Biz(TM), L-Commerce products.
Among the GDT partners also participating in L-Commerce are AirFlash, MapQuest, Televigation, Vicinity Corporation, and Xypoint.
PowerLOC anticipates providing a comprehensive range of L-Commerce and L-Business products and services including a family of proprietary wireless-location devices for this emerging industry and for location-based service providers (LSPs) in particular.
This initial purchase order reflects the growing demand for our L-commerce location-based technology and signifies the rapid acceptance of our L-BIZ(TM) products.
the originator of go2(R), the first global addressing and locator system designed for the Internet and wireless devices, today announced the successful completion of a wireless Point-Of-Sale (POS) l-commerce trial demonstrating an entirely wireless order, purchase and payment transaction with a quick-serve restaurant using an Internet-enabled device.
go2's four-month proof of technology pilot marks the first time a true l-commerce transaction has been completed using an Internet-enabled phone with a brick-and-mortar location.
L-commerce transactions add significant value to merchants and are expected to create a new medium that will be embraced by retailers, such as quick-serve restaurants, whose revenues are generated by mobile consumers.
go2's POS l-commerce pilot was conducted with Johnny Rockets, the national fifties-themed relaxed dining restaurant chain, at their store in Long Beach, Calif.
The POS l-commerce system uses an always-on Internet connection to permit orders via Web-enabled devices to be received and automatically processed by the merchant.
go2's l-commerce software interfaces with existing brick-and-mortars' POS systems to deliver the specified information provided by the user.
We are continually discovering exciting new applications for our innovative PowerLOC L-Biz(tm) L-Commerce products.