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Lachs, Manfred


Born Apr. 21, 1914, in Stanislawow. Polish diplomat and jurist. Corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, professor of international law at the University of Warsaw, and member of the UN International Court of Justice since 1968.

Lachs has written a number of important works on international law, including War Crimes (1945), The Indochina Agreements of 1955 (1956), The Polish-German Frontier: Law, Life, and the Logic of History (1964), and Poland’s Western Frontiers (1967).

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'I love having answers to things,' Lachs said in the interview.
Stoic pragmatism is perhaps the crown of Lachs's lebensphilosophie.
Lachs and Marks soon realized big changes had occurred in the industry between 1983 and 1993, and many were in viticulture rather than winemaking.
Lachs holds that it is obvious "philosophers do not agree on any idea and cannot present a single truth as authenticated by their methods." In this respect, philosophy is more like music and literature than science.
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Die Europaische Union, die im letzten Jahr 509.300 Tonnen importiert hat (ein Anstieg um 16,1%) hat vor einigen Jahren einen Minimum-Import-Preis (MIP) fur norwegischen Lachs festgelegt.
Mrs Lachs's story of her Jewish childhood in Germany, very similar to that of Anne Frank, brought a tear to the eyes of those gathered.
In an order filed last Friday, a judge approved a proposal by Jackson and Deborah Rowe to have retired Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephen Lachs preside.
It is the first time in its 11-year history that the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition has been won by UK students.
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