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a provider of broadband wireless technology, announced recently that the FCC, under Part 15C, certified Teletronics' 11Mbps Wireless LAN Card with up to 233 milliWatts (mW) of transmit power and detachable antenna (FCC Identifier--MFM-11-136).
In addition, the projector supports Canon's new optional networking, including Multi Card Imager (LV-M101), Wired LAN Card (LV-WN01), Wireless LAN Card (LV-WN02) and Compact Flash Card (LV-WN03).
Users bring their own laptop/PDA equipped with LAN card or built in wireless access to log on with specific Internet providers.
Prospective users will need a wireless LAN card to receive the service.
By inserting a wireless LAN card, to be sold separately, into a personal computer, users can transmit data from the computer to the projector.
The 10G LAN card is part of the XDM's comprehensive suite of next generation WDM capabilities, including full OTN mapping and multiplexing, multi-degree WSS ROADM, all-range[TM] reach from access to long haul and ease of operation, complemented by a state-of-the art wavelength management suite offered by the latest version (V3) of LightSoft[R] Network Management System.
HDPE pipe with accessories, CAT 6 LAN cable, Single mode SC-SC Fibre Optic duplex patch cord, Simplex single mode SC-SC OFC pig Tail, Fusion Splicing Kit, Fiber Optic Stripper and cutter, D-Link RJ 45 connector, 8 port unmanaged switch, USB to Ethernet LAN Card (USB 2.
Leading Wireless LAN card vendors have already expressed support for the Am1772 WLAN chipset.
The new system comprises Toshiba's Magnia Z300, a highly compact space-saving server launched in July this year; a LAN card to control the wireless LAN access point function; Mobile IP, software for wireless connectivity between different networks; and IEEE802.
Based on proprietary, broadband, wireless technology providing instant screen updates up from 150 to 300 feet in open spaces from a 2 pound standalone Toughbook 07 Mini PC or enabled notebook PC utilizing a LAN card, the Wireless Display PC was designed to improve users' productivity through added portability and significantly reduce the amount of time needed to access and file work reports from the field in all areas of data entry and management.
It supports up to four POTS ports, 10/100 Mbps WAN, four port 10/100 Mbps LAN switch, and a mini-PCI interface for a wireless LAN card interface.