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Como en el modelo LAPM, esto significa que el precio en cualquier momento del tiempo es la suma esperada de retornos o dividendos futuros, dado el conocimiento de la informacion existente en ese momento.
TABLE 1: Comparison between UWCM, GEM, and LAPM for Example 8 for [alpha] = 1.
Trained interviewers using a structured questionnaire collected data on: socio-demographics, contraceptive use, future fertility desires, and knowledge and attitudes towards LAPM, from 538 women of whom 265 were HIV-positive and 273 HIV-negative.
Tirole (2001), 'LAPM: A liquidity-based asset pricing model'.
Los protocolos LAPD y LAPm corresponden con el nivel dos del Modelo OSI.
Tirole, "LAPM: A Liquidity-Based Asset Pricing Model," NBER Working Paper No.
Supporting even the most sophisticated high speed data communication needs, the modem operates at up to 56 Kbps, and combines MNP5 and V.42bis data compression with MNP2.4, V.42, and LAPM error correction to provide full duplex operation with throughput up to 115,200 bps.